Legacy Welcomes Marsha Calloway-Campbell! Lisa Nelson January 5, 2024

Legacy Welcomes Marsha Calloway-Campbell!

Marsha Calloway-Campbell



We are thrilled to announce that Marsha Calloway-Campbell, J.D., an esteemed health advocate and experienced attorney, is joining our team at Legacy Health Strategies.

With her unique dual expertise in law and market research, Marsha brings a wealth of knowledge and an impressive track record to her new role as Vice President of Culture, Inclusion & Equity.

Marsha’s journey in health advocacy began with a deeply personal experience. After her husband’s multiple myeloma diagnosis in 2017, she not only became a devoted caregiver but also a passionate advocate for myeloma patients. Her commitment led her to impactful roles, starting with volunteering as a myeloma coach to becoming the Director of the Black Myeloma Health Initiative. These experiences have deepened her dedication to health equity and cultural sensitivity in healthcare.

At Legacy Health Strategies, Marsha’s role will be pivotal in embedding a culture of inclusion and equity across all that we do. Her presence will also enable us to deepen our focus on empowering patients with knowledge and helping people to become their own best advocate, elevating individuals and communities in self-advocacy.

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Health Advocate | Multiple Myeloma Caregiver | Attorney | Qualitative Researcher | Patient Engagement Consultant | Dedicated to helping clients cultivate a legacy of health and cultural equity in diverse communities