Our Experts Tech User February 14, 2024

Our Experts

Legacy provides consulting services and innovative solutions that deliver a new type of R&D process, creative thinking, and purpose with a sense of urgency which in turn drives tangibl​e changes in the development of medical products and the evidence that is needed to inform our clients’ internal decisions as well as those of external decision-makers including that of regulators, payers, providers, and patients. Please click on the photo below to find specific team members’ areas of expertise to better fit your needs and push the ‘Contact’ button to get in touch!

Vivian Larsen Headshot

Vivian Larsen
Chief Operating Officer

Jessica Scott MD, JD
Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Nelson

Vice President of Technology

Lori Hall
Vice President of Health Literacy & Communication Strategy

Marsha Calloway-Campbell

Marsha Calloway-Campbell, JD
Vice President, Culture, Inclusion & Equity

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