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We Speak Patient

We are a patient engagement consultancy committed to making the R&D process better.

Much better.

We have deep expertise in understanding how patient perspectives can bring value into R&D, and how to optimize outcomes for our clients and the patients they serve within this highly regulated and complex industry.


Patient Engagement Plan (L-PEP)

The value of an engaged patient is enormous to any R&D process. Legacy’s L-PEP platform creates a map for how, when, and why your team wants to engage with patients and care partners throughout an asset’s lifecycle.


Trial-Ready Communities (L-TRC)

Our L-TRC platform ensures faster recruitment, better retention, and more medicines of value come to patients sooner. It is what patients want, what companies need, and what Legacy is all about.

Tailor-made solutions for our clients

What is it? A customized approach to our client’s needs with recommendations and collaborative conversations.

What problem does it address? Many biopharma and med-tech companies see other companies moving forward with patient engagement activities, but they do not know how to get started. Or, companies may be conducting some activities sporadically, and they want to understand how to do more. In both cases, companies are eager to learn from the learn from subject matter experts in this niche and rapidly evolving field.

What is our approach?Optimizing the benefits of patient perspectives in research and development has many potential paths that need to be prioritized and tailored to the strategic priorities, challenges, and culture of an organization. We believe customized solutions must build on the knowledge and expertise of internal stakeholders at a project or program team level, R&D, and corporate.  We provide consultation to understand the unique needs of our clients including their current state and desired future state for incorporating patient perspectives, and combining this analysis with our deep experience in the Patient Engagement landscape to develop a strategic plan, progress individual tactics whether they be developing Board or investor relationship materials or Patient advisory councils to co-create medical products.

What results do we see? Increased understanding of the current state and desired future state of Patient Engagement across the organization for leaders at all levels and critical insights as to key prioritized areas across the organization where Patient Engagement may specifically help address challenges or further enhance efforts. The result is tailor-made approaches that help companies navigate better outcomes and value for those they serve faster.

What is it? A longitudinal Patient Advisory Council for ongoing insights on a particular condition or topic. For example, an L-PAC can be developed to aid in the design of Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) to provide a deeper understanding of the specific needs of the intended clinical trial population.

What problem does it address? Understanding the unique insights that come from those with lived experiences directly from them, enables deeper understanding of a condition or an issue that only they can provide. For any given condition, clinical trial, geography, or condition, there is a range of factors to consider in the design of a DCT to help ensure the patient will want to participate and stay in trials.

What is our approach? An L-PAC typically consists of six-ten individuals living with a given condition meet with an internal team designing a DCT. Trust, transparency, and collaboration are established as the working team discuss the elements of the DCT that are being considered and the benefits or challenges they pose. External vendors technology, central labs, nursing care organizations, can also join and brainstorm opportunities and potential solutions that focus on the needs of patients at the creation level rather than feedback after a trial is designed or a remote monitoring device is even selected.

What results do we see? Internal stakeholders and vendor partners are extremely motivated and keenly interested in meeting the needs of actual patients who bring important insights into the discussion. The sense of purpose and urgency is palpable, and money is not spent on technology or solutions that patients are not able to use but rather is focused on what will meet the needs of the trial and the participant. A greater understanding of patients’ needs helps teams incorporate flexibility where possible to meet the needs of a particular trial population including typically underrepresented subpopulations.

What is it? A program developed in partnership with a biopharmaceutical or med-tech company to increase awareness or education around a given condition is often intended for a hard-to-reach community and one where a “hero” from that community can help attract and engage individuals to learn.

What problem does it address? Underrepresented communities are often left behind, facing worse outcomes when receiving care for health or opportunities to participate in some of the most advanced medicine offered in clinical trials. In addition, many people are turning to social health online for answers to their health concerns and are provided support, resources, and information that they might find valuable to inform their health care decision through traditional routes such as their health care providers.

What is our approach? We create programs that meet our clients’ needs and engage communities around a “hero” to bring increased awareness, education, resources, and inspire hope. Activities can be virtual or in-person and are designed to reach people where they are, to empower people in their health care journey, and to help them feel less alone. At the same time, these communities may gain from more specific outputs of an engagement that benefits both the community and our clients.

What results do we see? The results of community awareness and engagement programs are the shared benefit we can deliver for our clients and the gratefulness our clients receive from community members that helps build trust, reputation, and better outcomes for both companies and the patients they serve.

Why Forward-Thinking Biopharma and Med-tech Companies Work With Us

We speak industry, and we speak patient. Our leadership team has decades of experience building programs that lead to better patient outcomes, lower costs, and more profound program learnings. We are already up to speed on what works well and how it affects your R&D process.

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