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Jessica Scott MD, JD, CEO of Legacy Health Strategies
My Legacy
A short video from our CEO, Jessica Scott MD, JD

Accelerate Awareness and Access to Clinical Trials through Equity-Centered Engagement

Whether you are focused on improving recruitment and retention, building relationships within communities of color, or gaining actionable insights from people living with a condition of interest, Legacy is a bridge to the patients you aim to serve. 

Our unique offerings and consulting approach leverages the collective intelligence of your team and ours to deliver equity-centered engagement offerings that earn trust and build partnerships with diverse communities. Together, we can advance health equity, accelerate robust drug development, and deliver more life-changing medicines to people in need.

Jessica Scott MD, JD, CEO of Legacy Health Strategies
My Legacy
A short video from our CEO, Jessica Scott MD, JD

Navigate Rapidly Advancing Clinical Trial Requirements.

Legacy empowers you with the necessary knowledge and insights to navigate the ever-evolving landscape and stakeholder expectations for integrating patient perspectives into clinical development. Our active roles on advisory boards and consortia help ensure we are at the forefront of emerging industry trends creating forward-thinking engagement strategies and offerings that elevate your clinical development programs and keep you ahead of the curve, such as: 

  • Bidirectional communication with participants you need to engage patients and communities before, during, and after clinical trials
  • Patient Insights Workshop to inform your programs and bring value to more diverse patient populations
  • Return of data and result from inspiration to implementation
  • Health Literacy best practices embedded into all your patient touchpoints throughout clinical development
  • Strategic consulting to transition your R&D organization from developing medicines for patients to with patients

Delivering Greater Value with Inclusive Engagement

Diverse patient insights can both enrich and expedite the pace of your clinical development. With a dynamic blend of innovative thinking and deep subject matter expertise, we apply a proven platform and methodology that has consistently delivered results. ​

Our comprehensive, bi-directional communication platform delivers on cross-industry recommendations* for meaningful information exchange between trial participants and researchers (for example, sponsors and sites) before, during, and after a trial in ways that are inclusive and earn trust. 

Let’s drive your R&D forward, together, with purpose and speed.

“A shift in industry focus toward more comprehensive information exchange with prospective, current, and past trial participants has the potential to positively impact millions of patients over the next decade.”

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The Patient Engagement Partner That’s Walked in Your Shoes

Companies need senior-level expertise to navigate the challenges facing each stage of clinical research and product development. What makes us unique? We’re a team of highly trained subject matter experts with extensive backgrounds in research, pharma, and health care delivery roles. This experience allows us to move quickly and thoughtfully to get up to speed – driving rapid progress. We’re prepared and ready to work in collaboration with you and your partner organizations.

A Company Where Expertise
Meets Passion

At Legacy, our mission is clear: We want to transform pharma R&D into an equity-centered, patient engagement partnership to deliver more medicines of value to more people in need. For us, our work is even more than our mission; it’s a calling fueled by personal commitment and guided by the values of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Choosing to work with us means forming a partnership rooted in genuine care.

Join us as we redefine standards for patient and community engagement in clinical development.

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