DPHARM Interviews Legacy on Our Unique Approach to Patient & Community Engagement Legacy Health Strategies June 20, 2024

DPHARM Interviews Legacy on Our Unique Approach to Patient & Community Engagement

A photo of CEO Jessica Scott next to VP Culture, Inclusion & Equity Marsha Calloway-Campbell with logos underneath for DPHARM Editorial


We’re grateful to DPHARM for this opportunity to discuss how we use our digital communication platform to connect patients and sponsors, making clinical research more inclusive and accessible, especially for communities of color. We also discussed overcoming the challenges in turning patient insights into action, the benefits of personalized communication, and the positive outcomes of community-focused strategies.

Strengthening Patient-Sponsor Ties

DPHARM recently interviewed us about our pioneering approach to patient engagement. We told them about how we leverage a secure digital platform to directly connect patients and sponsors, fostering a more inclusive clinical research landscape, particularly for underrepresented communities. 

This goes beyond traditional data collection. Our platform also prioritizes “reflective listening,” ensuring that patient concerns – from transportation logistics to appointment efficiency – are addressed. This two-way dialogue empowers informed decision-making, fostering a research environment that values patients. The benefits are clear: for patients, increased knowledge and a sense of partnership; for sponsors, faster recruitment, higher-quality data, and expedited regulatory approvals. 

Helping Communities Create Legacies of Health

We also discussed Legacy’s “MyHealth, MyLegacy,” which is an initiative that is tackling health disparities impacting minorities. We focus on prevalent diseases like cancer and diabetes through a strategic two-pronged approach. One arm fosters collaboration within communities by leveraging local resources and partnerships. The other arm engages professional organizations, amplifying our reach. 

Education is the cornerstone of this initiative. By equipping individuals with the knowledge to ask insightful questions about clinical trials, they become more empowered participants. We also leverage the power of personal narratives – stories like Marsha Calloway-Campbell’s journey navigating her husband’s Myeloma diagnosis – to build health awareness within communities. 

The call to action is compelling: biopharma companies can strengthen research by incorporating diverse voices from the outset and ensuring culturally sensitive clinical trials with well-trained staff. “MyHealth, MyLegacy” fosters a long-term commitment to community well-being, paving the way for a future where patients and science collaborate to build a legacy of health equity. 

You can read the DPHARM article for yourself by clicking here or on the graphic below.