Trial Ready Communities (L-TRC) Blake Whittle April 19, 2022
Legacy’s platform helps ensure you get the right (qualified) patients, faster. And, we help create a participant experience that results in patients staying in trials until the end with a deeper sense of trust and partnership.
As trials become more complex and expensive to conduct, finding patients who want to enroll and who will stay in a trial through to completion is a struggle for developers of new products.

To increase retention and drive deeper insights for your trial, you need to know what motivates your patients and drives them to participate.

Our process greatly improves the likelihood that the patient engages, shares their insights, and participates through the duration of the trial.  The result is faster recruitment, better retention, and more medicines of value to patients sooner. It is what patients desire, companies need and is the core of what makes us Legacy.  


Right Patients Faster

Enroll more.  Enroll faster.  Ensure the right patients arrive predictably  (those who meet the eligibility criteria) at clinical trial sites

Increased Enrollment

We demystify the process for patients and ensure that patients are educated and prepared before they arrive at sites 

Better Patient Retention

We help create a sense of partnership with patients before they arrive at sites and aid our clients, using the same platform, to support participants during and after the trial

What is it?

Legacy’s Trial Ready Communities connect those accessing social health communities and social media sites which express interest with information about clinical trials for which they may be eligible. We engage and empower people to make informed decisions throughout their health care journeys while helping them feel less alone. We understand the patient perspective, share a “heroes” perspective living with the same condition, and inspire hope. Specific Trial Ready Communities may also focus on awareness of the value of clinical trials as offering opportunities for patients to access clinical trial opportunities that may be of interest to them, including information about preliminary eligibility criteria.

What problem does it address?

Connecting social health communities where patients feel validated, understood, and empowered with information can also help demystify clinical trials.
As the field of precision medicine grows, clinical trials increasingly offer cutting-edge science and progress innovative approaches to patient care; however, many patients and health care providers are unaware of these opportunities. As more clinical trials become decentralized, greater diversity across patient populations, including traditionally underrepresented, rare, and orphan diseases, rural populations can now access clinical trials. Thus, greater awareness is now more critical than ever.

What is our approach?

Through key partnerships, we reach into communities that truly understand the needs of patients for a given condition. Influencers within these communities are trusted as a source of information. We collaborate to provide an opportunity for communities to learn more about clinical trials and continue the trusted relationship by connecting with a “hero” in the disease space that can demystify the clinical trial experience from personal experience. We provide relevant, understandable, and credible information to those who opt into a given Trial Ready Community that patients in the community may choose to act on or discuss with their physician.

What results do we see?

By addressing patients’ needs and engaging them where they are, we empower communities with information about clinical trial opportunities that may be critically important in their members’ health care decision-making. In its pilot phase, we see faster recruitment as a real potential for this innovative outreach design, particularly as clinical trials become more complex and difficult to recruit. In the end, both companies and patients are aligned in bringing promising new therapies to market faster

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