Life Lessons From The Super Bowl lhs1stg February 11, 2022

Life Lessons From The Super Bowl


Wow! So cool to watch these talented young kickers playing such pivotal roles in the playoffs.  And even though I don’t have fond memories of Cincinnati Bengals (Freezer Bowl 1981 AFC Championships) I can’t help but cheer for Evan McPherson!

When I was a rookie like Evan, my agent Leigh Steinberg gave me some counsel that helped shape my life.  He made me understand that as an NFL player, I had a unique platform and should try to use it to make a positive difference in the world.  With his encouragement and direction, Kicks for Critters was born and fans of the San Diego Chargers helped donate millions of dollars to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance for animal conservation.  Following my life-threatening illness, I felt compelled to start The Grateful Patient Project and Legacy Health Strategies —with the goal of partnering with pharmaceutical and med device companies to include the powerful patient voice in as many ways as possible.  If I had the opportunity to share a burger with young Evan, I would tell him to enjoy the journey he is on, made special by the teammates he gets to do it with, and to let him know that all of us older kickers are pulling for him. I would also say that, while the roar from a full stadium was great, I now understand that our real legacy will be measured by the impact we can have on other