Patient-focused organizations need​ to build trust, hope, and empathy to achieve true end-to-end patient engagement and satisfaction.

How We Became Patient Engagement Experts

An Empathetic Start: From Patient to Patient Engagement

Our experience as Patient Engagement experts spans 35+ years and had its’ roots directly from the patient’s perspective. Our founder, Rolf Benirschke, was a professional football player when he came down with a life threatening inflammatory bowel illness. From not expecting to “make it through the night” to returning to play in the NFL for 7 more years, Rolf’s self-taught patient management skills not only led to his own recovery, but it propelled him to start one of the first ever patient engagement programs over 35 years ago, “Great Comebacks from Ostomy Surgery.”

Fate would test Rolf once again 10 years later when, during a routine life insurance physical, he learned he had contracted the Hepatitis C virus from blood transfusions he received during his earlier surgeries. Once again, Rolf had to rely on his own self-management abilities to successfully navigate the healthcare system and return to better health.

While Rolf knew all there was to know about managing patients back to health, creating awareness around treatment options and starting and running a business wasn’t his specialty.

A Pioneer in Patient Engagement Strategies

After perfecting their patient engagement model and assembling the top talent in the industry, Legacy finds itself at the forefront of a movement. We provide thought leadership and strategic patient engagement solutions for global pharmaceutical and medical device organizations.

Legacy has been in this business perhaps longer than any other company, and as a pioneer and first-mover in this space, Legacy is leading the charge to profoundly transform the patient experience and create significant and lasting patient relationships for companies across multiple disease conditions.

Partnering with Patient-Focused Organizations

If you believe your organization would benefit from leveraging Legacy’s proven patient engagement methodology, please contact us. We welcome you to become part of our story to transform the patient experience.