Give the gift of patient understanding and confidence and you will change their lives. And your bottom line.

Encourage Patient Adherence

The Benefits of Early Patient Engagement for Medical Device Are Boundless

Fear. Hesitation. Misinformation. Denial. Overcome these barriers and increase patient adherence, satisfaction, and outcomes.  We all know what causes higher hospital re-admissions and lower patient satisfaction scores: Care procrastination, delayed or abandoned treatment, non-adherence to care plans, and systemic patient under-management between HCPs, healthcare systems, and post-procedure therapies.  That’s not good for medical device companies or the patients you support.

Change the Game for Good

Develop and deliver a patient journey that changes the game.  Leverage the Legacy Care Model, a proven patient engagement methodology, to define each stage of the patient journey and synchronize a measurable outcome for each milestone. This allows you to identify individual and population health management solutions that overcome barriers to adherence.  With Legacy, you’ll have dedicated Care Managers continuously augmenting your efforts to increase medical device adherence and satisfaction.

For optimal health outcomes, partner with a medical device specialist in patient engagement. Contact Legacy today.