A truly engaging patient experience increases patient recruitment, adherence, and regulatory compliance.

Acquisition. Adherence. Completion.

Clinical Trials Require End-to-End Patient Engagement to Succeed

The Legacy Care Model supplements patient management by the clinical site with on-going support from patient acquisition to regulatory communication compliance to trial completion.

1. Expand your team to more fully support patients and decrease clinical trial drop-out rates.

Delivered by a dedicated, highly trained team experienced increasing patient engagement during clinical trials, our proven methodology is customized to meet an individual patient needs while staying scalable to the effort as a whole.

2. See the difference between non-adherent and non-responding patients.

The reasons for clinical trial non-adherence and attrition vary. The Legacy Care Model includes tailored intervention methods based on patient stratification and personalized needs assessments.

3. Avoid common inaccurate adherence assumptions and gain accurate efficacy data.

Developing meaningful measurement strategies, leveraging technology and tracking tools, and understanding how to interpret — and respond to — patient data is a must for successful clinical trials.

For optimal outcomes, partner with the expert in optimizing patient engagement for clinical trials. Contact Legacy today.