Legacy Health Strategies partners with Ferring Pharmaceuticals

December 22, 2016

Legacy Health Strategies is excited to announce the December 1 kick-off of its partnership with Ferring Pharmaceuticals on the My Fertility Navigator program designed to provide guidance for those considering fertility treatments.

An estimated 6.1 million women in the United States struggle with fertility.  Fortunately, medical progress in the last several decades has opened the door to parenthood for couples who had difficulty conceiving.  However, navigating through this journey can, at times, be difficult and confusing.

The goals of this pilot program are to increase awareness about fertility and fertility issues; educate participants about fertility testing and treatment options; and coach and support women through barriers and towards their next steps.

Legacy is committed to providing participants with a high level of engagement and support through telephone and email interactions, as well as with a personalized patient Activity Tracker that Legacy has configured for this initiative.

Dedicated Fertility Navigators for this program have received extensive training on issues related to fertility and treatments, and they have also been trained using Legacy’s JOURNEY® Learning, which provides patient engagement and health coaching skills.  Navigators are taught to develop meaningful patient connections, engage participants with goal setting, and to help guide them to their next steps.

We look forward to working with Ferring on this program and raising awareness of fertility options.