Improving the Patient Experience KPIs

May 7, 2020

We are blessed to work with some of the finest, most motivated, and authentic medical device and pharmaceutical companies in the world. Their intention of meeting patients where they are, creating the most impactful content, and designing the right support programs is unparalleled.

Which is why it breaks my heart every time an initiative’s impact is diminished due to flawed infrastructure surrounding the design of a patient support program.

Ask yourself this…

When was the last time operational KPIs and SLAs for programs or care management teams reflected the patient’s needs? Or the legal and regulatory team heard about the logistical hurdles patients experienced when interacting with your company? Or procurement was given the tools to evaluate a project based on the positive impact on patients?

When we conducted a recent Needs Assessment for a major pharmaceutical client, here’s a direct quote from a Nurse Navigator:

“I can’t do my job and keep patients adherent, because my organization does not understand the difference between transactional and empathetic conversations.”

In this time of restructuring and reconstructing, wouldn’t it be great if we came together to say “Yes! Let’s figure out a way to….” instead of “No, we can’t do that because of….”

Legacy Health Strategies works closely with our clients to help solve the bigger picture: improving outcomes for the patient AND the business. That does not mean compromising in any way. There truly are “win-win” solutions that can meet the needs of all the parties – but to do that it requires a different approach.

Come along and learn and let’s work together to redefine what “Patient Experience” means across your business.