Remarkable patient engagement stems from a remarkable patient experience.

Engage Your Patients with a Proven Methodology

The Legacy Care Model is an end-to-end, customizable patient engagement methodology designed specifically for pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and clinical trials. Our methodology covers five main areas.

1. Awareness


Educate people on diseases, treatment options, and medical procedures that they may be unaware of or ignoring due to fear or stigmas. 94% of online treatment brand searches happen immediately after patient receives treatment prescription.



2. Acquisition


Find the right patients for your product or clinical trial, help them overcome concerns or obstacles, and encourage them to sign up or follow through. Up to 30% of prescriptions are never filled by the patient for some classes of medication.


3. Activation

medicationActivate patients to take charge of their own health. When patients are at the highest level of activation, their projected costs were 31% lower than for people who were at the lowest levels of activation.

4. Adherence

world-wide-webFacilitate the patient journey throughout their treatment or therapy to encourage and ensure adherence and decrease hospital re-admissions. Only 50% of patients take their medication as prescribed. Non-adherence causes 30 to 50% of treatment failures and more than 100,000 deaths annually.

5. Advocacy


The best advocates have been there. Develop a process for patient advocacy so that new patients will learn and gain support from others’ experiences with your brand.

Care quality and patient satisfaction are not only a federal requirement by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), but it’s also the right thing to do. For the health of our communities. And for our businesses.

Let’s create positive treatment outcomes, together. Contact Legacy today.