How do you know your patient engagement efforts are leading to positive outcomes? You measure.

Create Healthy Outcomes for Your Patients and Your Business

Whether working with dedicated care managers or self-managing with digital messaging and devices, the Legacy Care Model ensures healthy outcomes for patients and measurable performance success for pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and clinical trials.

With the average attrition rate being 15% to 40%, we have a lot of opportunity for improving lives!

Here are just a few of the health outcomes that we have achieved for our pharmaceutical, medical device, clinical trial, and health system clients.

Positive Life Difference

98%: People in a clinical trial patient engagement program that felt it made a positive difference in their life.


95%: Patients in a clinical trial pharmaceutical program indicated that they remained adherent to the medication throughout the treatment duration.

72%: Patients in one initiative who were also engaged in working on a health-related goal while on treatment.


68%: Number of patients who were more confident that they could complete the study or treatment plan.


30%: Increased activation of patients willing to talk to doctor about a stigmatized disease.

Shared Patient Concerns

22,754: Number of patients who shared their top five concerns in taking a new prescription drug, so that we could proactively address them.

How does this work in the real world? Let’s connect to discuss.