Patient engagement training improves treatment support and outcomes.

Patient Engagement Training

JOURNEY® Learning

From Warm Welcomes to Final Farewells,
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JOURNEY Learning provides patient engagement training and health coaching classes for case managers and care teams, and each learning module can be delivered in a live classroom environment or in virtual online classrooms. Case managers and care teams are taught how to develop meaningful patient connections and maintain patient engagement in physician-directed treatment plans.

JOURNEY Learning teaches case managers and care teams how to facilitate holistic patient care, which results in superior clinical and treatment support. As a result, by proactively teaching patient engagement skills that encourage patient self-management, our programs deliver long-term health successes.

As a part of JOURNEY Learning, we revise existing call guides or other outreach content (e.g., emails, patient education or adherence materials, etc.) that care managers, contact centers, and HUB service providers use to engage with patient customers. For example, revisions may include strategic recommendations to content structure and verbiage that reflect the JOURNEY Learning methodologies and best practices for patient engagement.  In addition, identified barriers to adherence can be addressed, and new processes can be created to improve communication and trust.

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