We are a proactive partner in a reactive world.

We work with medical device and pharmaceutical companies (both clinical trials and commercialized products) to inform and educate patients on treatment options and medical procedures.  Once patients are medically indicated for treatment, we navigate their journey throughout the healthcare system and provide assistance where necessary.

This provides value for our clients, keeps patients in clinical trials and on medication regimens, prevents hospital readmissions and significantly improves the patient experience (care quality and satisfaction), which is now a federal requirement by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The bottom line is that we help create positive treatment outcomes.

The problems we solve:

  • Only 50 percent of patients take their medication as prescribed.
  • Non-adherence causes 30-50 percent of treatment failures and over 100,000 deaths annually.
  • Up to 30 percent of prescriptions are never filled by the patient for some classes of medication.
  • 64 percent of hospital readmissions within 30 days are due to treatment non-adherence.
  • When patients are at the highest level of activation, their projected costs were 31% lower than for people who were at the lowest levels of activation.
  • 94% of online treatment brand searches happen immediately after patient receives treatment prescription.

Our solutions meet the patient where they need us most.



Patient: Pre-diagnosis and Curious | Diagnosed and in Denial

Legacy:  Engage, educate, and support patients through the process of learning about their condition




Patient: Pre-Diagnosed, Seeking Care | Diagnosed and Prescribed Care

Legacy:  Build trust with patients to help them navigate getting treatment and start therapy


medicationPatient: Motivated to Seek Care | Prescribed to Treatment

Legacy:  Empower patients to take care of their health and help them prepare to meet with their clinician


world-wide-webPatient: On Therapy | On Surgical Treatment Plan

Legacy:  Proactively support and empower patients to strengthen adherence behavior and self-manage care


ambassadorPatient: Successful Outcome | Consumer Advocacy | Patient Ambassadors

Legacy:  Encourage patients to share their stories and “pay it forward” by becoming brand advocates


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