We are a proactive partner in a reactive world.

Care Model

Healthcare organizations need better support, culture, and infrastructure to optimize compliance, improve health outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.
Whether your objective is clinical trial support, patient care, marketing and awareness, or research and analytics, the Legacy Care Model was designed to do just that. And the results are measurable.


  • Patient Assistance Technology Hub (PATHTM)
  • JOURNEY® Learning
  • Case Management

PATH Technology

PATHTM (Patient Assistance Technology Hub) is a HIPAA-compliant, integrated suite of patient engagement and workflow management tools designed to help care managers while they support patients undergoing often difficult treatment protocols, as well as, provide the database from which data analysis on the program can be provided.

Legacy Health Strategies’ proprietary PATH platform serves as an extension of the care managers’ abilities, in that it helps provide them with timely and actionable insights into the patient’s journey, increases the number of patients they can support, and ultimately assists them in keeping patients adherent to their treatment plans.

PATH includes a robust front- and back-office administration system allowing for program customization and management of patient data, user accounts, security & user authentication protocols, manually and automatically deployed email communications, full audit trails, task scheduling, workflows, business rules, internal secure messaging, interaction history, patient surveys, tech support, and system alerts. The entire system and its internal components work seamlessly in near real-time with no latency issues regarding data in transit between modules. PATH is fully interoperable with third-party systems and can be configured to allow inbound and outbound data flows governed by validation and business rules.

JOURNEY Learning

Legacy Health Strategies’ products help healthcare organizations increase patient adherence, engagement, and activation through a customized approach to treatment management. JOURNEY® Learning provides comprehensive classroom and virtual proprietary training for case managers (i.e. nurses, social workers, health coaches, etc.) on patient engagement and health coaching skills. Case managers are taught to develop meaningful patient connections and maintain patient engagement in physician-directed treatment plans.

With over 30 years of patient management experience, these modules enhance formal clinical training. JOURNEY Learning teaches soft skills that healthcare organizations and their case managers can utilize to intentionally elevate the patient experience, increase adherence and improve outcomes. For many healthcare organizations, increasing patient adherence and engagement to medically-indicated care plans is a key goal. Some organizations, however, do not have the processes, time, infrastructure, or effective methodologies to achieve this at their desired level.

JOURNEY Learning trains case managers how to facilitate holistic patient care, resulting in superior clinical and treatment support. By proactively teaching behaviors that encourage patient self-management, our programs deliver long-term health successes.

JOURNEY® Learning arms Case Managers with the skills to:

  • Accurately identify patient needs and challenges towards treatment or next steps to care, forecasting care plan adherence and potential barriers to care
  • Collaborate on solutions and set short- and long-term disease state specific and broader health goals with the patient, equipping them with effective self-management tools
  • Understand the patient attitude and practice health coaching skills if necessary to maintain patient engagement, thereby reducing abandonment and non-adherence
  • Ask relevant and clarifying questions to ensure patient understanding of treatment and next steps to care, building a strong coaching relationship between them
  • Demonstrate empathy, interest and enthusiasm to build a deeper connection and relationship based upon trust with the patient, resulting in higher compliance and patient satisfaction

Formal Classroom Training: Case managers spend one to two days in an instructor-led course where they can learn foundational and advanced JOURNEY Learning methodologies. The curriculum can also be augmented with disease-state-specific training. Case managers have the opportunity to participate in interactive learning (i.e. role plays) to ensure content comprehension.

Virtual E-Learning Training: Following foundational training, case managers have the opportunity to hone and advance their learned soft skills through informal e-learning courses. These courses can be assigned immediately after live training or on an ongoing basis. Courses can be scheduled for case managers at any time and incorporate videos, voice over recordings, and gamification functionalities. Learners will be assessed at each course and comprehensive analytics and results on learner abilities can be provided to healthcare organizations.

Case Management

Legacy’s Care Management leverages PATHTM and JOURNEY® Learning to provide 100 percent patient focused, independent, and unbiased patient support and coaching through numerous touch points.

By leveraging the expertise of registered nurses, social workers, patient ambassadors or other patient managers, Care Management Teams improve compliance, patient satisfaction, and desired outcomes.

  • Care providers are trained to meet client and patient goals, helping ensure program compliance
  • Proactive support to avoid treatment gaps before they happen
  • Dynamic engagement – individualized goal setting and wellness plans for increased patient satisfaction
  • Tailored design with customized communications for personalized patient care
  • Behavioral/attitudinal-based interventions so that each message resonates with the patient
  • Phone, email, text, and in-person touch points because each population responds to communications in different ways
  • Patient community is inspired with stories of hope and allows successfully-graduated patients to stay involved

Legacy Health Strategies can provide case management workforce or can help set up Key Performance Indicators and service level standards for your in-house workforce.


Legacy’s Professional Services provide industry insights based on more than 30 years of direct patient support experience. Whether you are looking for an end-to-end care model solution or a stand-alone program, a specific part of the patient journey, our strategic and tactical thinking delivers efficient, cost-effective, and proven solutions.

  • Lead Generation and Patient Acquisition
  • Patient Engagement Campaigns
  • Activation-to-care Initiatives
  • Therapy Adherence and Retention Programs
  • Successful Outcome and Patient Experience
  • Case Management – Staffing and Deployment
  • JOURNEY® Learning Case Manager Training Programs

We consider ourselves a proactive partner in a reactive world. We transform the patient experience to demonstrate value and outcomes in measurable and actionable ways.


Legacy Health Strategies works with professional partners across the health spectrum, including contact centers, data aggregators, hub and reimbursement centers, health economics researchers, behavioral health thought leaders, and market access and lead generation specialists.

Contact us now to discover how we can partner with you to create effective and efficient patient acquisition, activation and adherence programs.