We are a proactive partner in a reactive world.


Our pharmaceutical partners are especially vulnerable to a number of factors that may influence patient awareness, activation, therapy and adherence. During the patient journey there are many barriers to treatment that can result in treatment abandonment, resulting in significant impacts on forecasting, manufacturing, distribution and refills.

Non-adherence / abandonment has been identified as a major public health crisis, and our programs are constructed to directly counter the expensive and devastating health issues that result. Some of the barriers that we work to overcome include:

  • Misperception of severity of disease
  • Misconception of treatment options
  • Stigmatized condition or treatment
  • Onerous diagnosis and/or treatment eligibility process
  • Challenging treatment regimen (real or perceived)
  • Access to treatment and ongoing care
  • Underlying socio and economic factors

By identifying these and other critical treatment barriers, we develop comprehensive care pathways and proactive interventions to optimize successful and measurable outcomes at each stage of the patient journey. Our dynamic designs encourage modifications to suit each individual patient, and our real-time reporting provides insights into patient behavior that increases patient activation and therapy adherence well above industry averages.

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