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Medical Device

For most of our medical device partners, the barriers to treatment are especially high around those newly-diagnosed patients who are fearful and hesitant to seek therapy. Patients are often unaware of, or misinformed about, new, innovative products. Those patients with stigmatized conditions are unlikely to seek help, and when they do, procrastination is a big factor in seeking treatment.

Delayed or abandoned treatment, nonadherence to care plans, and systemic patient under-management between HCPs, healthcare systems, and post-procedure therapies often result in higher hospital readmissions and lower patient satisfaction scores. Defining each stage of the patient journey, and synchronizing a measurable outcome for each milestone, allows us to identify individual and population health management, and offer solutions to overcome these barriers. These barriers can include:

  • Misperception of severity of disease
  • Misconception of treatment options
  • Stigmatized condition or treatment
  • Onerous diagnosis and/or treatment eligibility process
  • Challenging treatment regimen (real or perceived)
  • Access to treatment and ongoing care
  • Underlying socio and economic factors

By identifying these and other critical treatment barriers, we develop comprehensive care pathways and proactive interventions to optimize successful and measurable outcomes at each stage of the patient journey. Our dynamic designs encourage modifications to suit each individual patient, and our real-time reporting provides insights into patient behavior that increases patient activation and therapy adherence well above industry averages.

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