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Health Systems

Health systems are under significant pressure to address care gaps and create actionable solutions. Our patient support care model has helped manage thousands of patients, keep them adherent to treatment plans, and drive patient satisfaction.

  • Legacy’s Care Model is a valuable aid in patient engagement and tracking, increasing post-discharge treatment plan adherence, and minimizing attrition, helping to ensure successful outcomes and minimizing readmissions.
  • We leverage highly-trained, dedicated Care Managers to deliver the care model to complement and reinforce the patient management efforts of their clinical team; this approach enables more frequent communications with patients and facilitates contact with hard-to-reach patients. Care Managers can easily follow approved workflows and log all patient interactions for audit and reporting purposes, using our Patient Assistance Technology Hub (PATHTM) platform.
  • Our patient-focused JOURNEY® Learning consists of formal and virtual training modules on proprietary methodologies. Case Managers are taught to develop meaningful patient connections and maintain patient engagement in physician-directed care plans.
  • On-going program metrics provide information about patient behavioral and attitudinal trends, concerns, and interaction frequencies, allowing proactive outreach to address potential issues. Patient satisfaction surveys are incorporated to provide actionable feedback.
  • Legacy’s Care Model provides aggregate data that can subsequently be leveraged to refine the architecture and evolution of the entire patient journey, identifying potential care gaps, drop-off points, patient segments in need of higher levels of support, and behaviors indicative of at-risk patients.

Our health system initiatives ensure that post-discharge treatment plans and healthcare are sustained, and that patients and their caregivers, along with HCPs and hospital staff, are kept fully aware of patient needs and concerns.

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