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Clinical Trials

From recruitment to adherence, we know that substantial resources are associated with replacing patients who drop out of a clinical trial. Attrition rates can vary from 15-40% in most clinical trials – and loss of subjects after recruitment has ceased may negatively impact the data available for submission.

The commonly used Intention to Treat method of clinical trial analysis assumes subjects adhere to the study protocol. Incorrect assumptions regarding adherence can skew data when subjects miss doses or take study medication incorrectly. In the worst case, efficacy data may be negatively affected when non-adherent subjects are not, or cannot be, distinguished from non-responders.

Supporting patients to deliver results and improve outcomes, Legacy’s care model supplements patient management by the clinical site with on-going support, delivered by a dedicated, highly trained team, and is customized to meet patient needs. As the reasons for non-adherence and attrition vary, the care model includes tailored intervention methods based on patient stratification and a personalized needs assessment.

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