We are a proactive partner in a reactive world.


Legacy Health Strategies has been supporting patients and partnering with healthcare organizations since 2009. Our Legacy Care Model™ has helped thousands of patients in numerous disease states across the nation.

Today, Legacy is poised to expand its reach to even more healthcare organizations and their patients to dramatically improve health economics, predictive outcomes, patient adherence, and overall experience.


  • Rolf Benirschke

    Co-Founder and Chief Patient Officer

    Meet Rolf

    Rolf Benirschke
  • Greg Anton

    President & Chief Operating Officer

    Meet Greg

    Greg Anton
  • Liz St. John

    Executive Vice President, Patient & Client Services

    Meet Liz St.

    Liz St. John
  • Kim Anton

    Executive Vice President, Operations

    Meet Kim

    Kim Anton
  • Karen Gilmore

    Senior Vice President, Finance

    Meet Karen

    Karen Gilmore
  • Scott Durall

    Senior Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

    Meet Scott

    Scott Durall
  • Julia Atkinson

    VP, Education & Patient Care

    Meet Julia

    Julia Atkinson
  • Elaine Weidenhammer

    VP, Program Design and Analytics

    Meet Elaine

    Elaine Weidenhammer
  • Quan Campbell

    VP, Projects and Resource Management

    Meet Quan

    Quan Campbell
  • Eric Engstrom

    VP, Technology

    Meet Eric

    Eric Engstrom
  • Dana Monroig

    VP, Talent

    Meet Dana

    Dana Monroig
  • Jomi Richard

    Director, Client Services

    Meet Jomi

    Jomi Richard
  • Debbie

    Care Manager


  • Samantha

    Care Manager


  • Phaona (Phee)

    Care Manager

    Meet Phaona

    Phaona (Phee)
  • Kay Sirianni

    Executive Assistant & Administrative Manager

    Meet Kay

    Kay Sirianni
  • Christina Floyd

    Technology & Digital Media Manager

    Meet Christina

    Christina Floyd
  • Bruce Shoberg

    Senior Software Engineer

    Meet Bruce

    Bruce Shoberg
  • Raffaello Galli

    Senior Software Engineer

    Meet Raffaello

    Raffaello Galli
  • Aaron Peck

    Research & Analytics Manager

    Meet Aaron

    Aaron Peck
  • Melissa Hidalgo

    Project Coordinator

    Meet Melissa

    Melissa Hidalgo
  • Dani Tso

    Office Manager

    Meet Dani

    Dani Tso
  • Kari Benirschke

    Project Assistant

    Meet Kari

    Kari Benirschke